"Michael J. Hammel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    a. Why is the default font for labels so small?  My eyes are old!

we use the default GTK+ font size and it is up to you to configure it.

>    e. Lots of tooltips say "When set to YES..." when referring to
>       toggle buttons or option menus that don't have a "YES"
>       option.  These need to be updated.

the strings used for the tooltips are as well used for the gimprc
man-page and the comments in the system-wide gimprc. In my opinion the
strings are acceptable but if someone wants to change them, please
keep in mind that they are not only used as tooltips. An alternative
would be to use only check-buttons for boolean values.

I grepped preferences-dialog.c for prefs_boolean_option_menu_add() and
I only found two settings that use an option menu for boolean values.
Are these lots??

> 1. Page: New Image
>    a. Should it be "New Image" or "New Canvas"?  Is the canonical
>       name for that window a Canvas?  That's what I've been calling it  
>       for years (even in my books), but maybe I've been wrong.

That page really refers to settings for the "New Image" dialog.

>    b. Why isn't "Indexed" included as a default image type option?

because we don't allow to create indexed images from scratch. You need
to create a RGB image anc convert it to indexed later. The reason is
that we don't want to clutter the New Image dialog with Palette

>    c. Why a "dpi" *AND* a Pixels/inch setting?  The bottom set,
>       with the "Pixels/inch" options menu should be enough.  "DPI"
>       should be part of the text header for this frame.

I always found it very convenient to have both.

>    d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
>       handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
>       percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?

That setting is explained in the tooltip. It could probably be
reworded. I don't think we want to base it upon installed memory since
there is no proper way to determine the amount of installed memory.
> 2. The Comment page should be integrated into the New Image page
>    as a 2nd page in a notebook.

the right half of the dialog is a notebook already and GTK+ doesn't
like notebooks in notebooks that much. We could decide to make the
comment textview smaller and add it to the New Image page.

>    b. Dialog Behavior toggle has tooltip that says "When set to
>       YES...".  This should be changed to "When enabled...".  Also,
>       "per display" should be changed to "per image window" (or "per
>       canvas window").

I like the idea of using "When enabled..." instead of "When set to
yes..." since that should work fine for the manpage as well.

>    b. Why aren't Mozilla and Galeon included in the Help Browser
>    list?

because of http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51632

> 5. Tool options should be merged with another page, perhaps the
>    Interface page, until more default options for Tools are provided.

IMO the Contigous Region setting can die now that we have (or almost
have) persistent tool options.

> 6. Despite having few configurable options, the Input Devices
>    page should stay the way it is.  It may have more options - I
>    don't have any input devices available to test that.

unfortunately it can not stay. If you had any input devices you'd have
found that dialog is pretty much cluttered and that GIMP crashes if
you use GTK+-2.2:


There's another report about this very page which is IMO valid as well:


> 7. Page: Image Windows
>    a. Make this page a notebook, with the following pages:
>       1. Appearance / Canvas padding color
>       2. Zoom / Resize, Pointer Movement

see my comment above. We can have multiple pages grouped in the tree
view on the left but no notebooks inside a notebook.

>    c. Title formats should be explained - what do each of "f", "p",
>       etc. mean?

they are explained in the gimprc man-page.

> 8. Merge the Display and Monitor pages.  They're similar enough
>    and can fit on one page.

do you think so? IMO the transparency setting doesn't belong there at
all. It fits better to the Canvas settings but then it affects layer
and image previews as well (but that could be silently ignored).

>    c. The tooltip for "File->Save" is incorrect.  It should be
>       updated to match the current options menu text.

actually, I'd rather get rid of this setting. Does anyone use anything
but the default value ("no") for "trust-dirty-flag" ?

> 10. Page:  Folders
>    a. What do the green dots in the "Folders" page represent?

they indicate that the file/folder exists. Yes, they suck but it's the
default GTK+ "yes" icon.

>    b. Put the "tenp dir" and "swap dir" in frames.  Title each
>       "Location for temporary files" and "Location of swap
>       files".  Change the "..." to "Select a directory".  This will
>       spread this page's contents out a bit.  It looks crowded
>       right now.

hmm, the "..." button is part of the GimpFileSelection widget:


If we'd change it, we'd also change all the other Folders pages since
they use it as well.

Salut, Sven
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