"Michael J. Hammel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 10:48, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > GIMP is probably not the only GTK+ application people are using and
> > setting the font size in the GIMP gtkrc would make it the only GTK+
> > application that doesn't follow the font settings from the desktop
> > enviroment. This is IMO a very bad idea.
> Perhaps.  However, I'm running GNOME with GIMP 1.3 and the fonts for
> text labels don't match at all - GIMP's are very small, GNOME's are
> fine.  I haven't adjusted any font settings for the desktop and I have
> no .gtkrc or .gtkrc.mine in my home directory.

do you run gnome-2.x? If not, you shouldn't be surprised that the
settings don't take effect. The file ~/.gtkrc is irrelevant for
GIMP-1.3 since it uses GTK+-2.x. You should look for .gtkrc-2.0. And
then there might be XSettings which override the value found there.

> > I don't see a way of doing such a dialog layout w/o using a
> > GtkNotebook for the right part. At least not without the dialog
> > resizing on page switches. I'm open for your suggestions however.
> Well, it sounds like the notebook is enforcing a minimum size to the
> dialog for you.  You'd have to do this manually by determining which
> page was the largest.  I'm not positive but I think you can do this by
> realizing each page first, checking the parent widgets width and then
> setting the dialogs width appropriately before calling gtk_widget_show()
> (not sure if this has changed in GTK2.0, however).

eeek, what an evil idea. You can of course get this right for your
theme and font settings but it will never ever work for everyone.

Salut, Sven
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