On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 06:10, Sven Neumann wrote:
> "Michael J. Hammel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >    a. Why is the default font for labels so small?  My eyes are old!
> we use the default GTK+ font size and it is up to you to configure it.

Why?  It would be easy for us to provide a font size setting and stuff
it into a GIMP-specific gtkrc file, letting the user know that the
changes will take effect the next time GIMP is started.  In fact, that's
one of the usability features of GTK+ (even if few people talk about it
as such).

GTK+ does let the user configure lots of things on their own.  But that
doesn't mean applications shouldn't provide user friendly options to
handle it for the user.  (That's an arguable opinion, of course.)

> >    d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
> >       handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
> >       percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?
> That setting is explained in the tooltip. It could probably be
> reworded. I don't think we want to base it upon installed memory since
> there is no proper way to determine the amount of installed memory.

Is this value meant to be on a per Image Window basis or is it global to
all open images?  That isn't clear in the tooltip.  If its per image, a
short addition to the tooltip would cover this, I think.
> > 2. The Comment page should be integrated into the New Image page
> >    as a 2nd page in a notebook.
> the right half of the dialog is a notebook already and GTK+ doesn't
> like notebooks in notebooks that much. We could decide to make the
> comment textview smaller and add it to the New Image page.

Hmmm.  Looking at it I'd say the notebook was used to address layout
issues and not for its page features.  If notebooks in notebooks don't
work well (I actually don't think I've ever tried that in my apps), then
the top level notebook should be replaced with something else so that a
notebook at the page level could be used.  The layout issues can be
solved with other GTK+ widgets.  That's just my opinion on dialog
design, of course.  

Changing the textview to be smaller and moving it would address my
original comment about this page.  In fact, it's a perfectly good

> >    b. Why aren't Mozilla and Galeon included in the Help Browser
> >    list?
> because of http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51632

I mentioned something about this in the reply to Raphael.

> unfortunately it can not stay. If you had any input devices you'd have
> found that dialog is pretty much cluttered and that GIMP crashes if
> you use GTK+-2.2:

I wish I did have some input devices.  Finding Wacom tablets that I can
afford (and are worth the money - not that little Pen Partner thing) is
hard to do.  Do any other (non-Wacom) tablets work?

> >    c. Title formats should be explained - what do each of "f", "p",
> >       etc. mean?
> they are explained in the gimprc man-page.

There should probably be something in that page that references that man
page then.  Probably in a tooltip, though a text label with a short
description and reference at the bottom of the page would work just as

> > 8. Merge the Display and Monitor pages.  They're similar enough
> >    and can fit on one page.
> do you think so? IMO the transparency setting doesn't belong there at
> all. It fits better to the Canvas settings but then it affects layer
> and image previews as well (but that could be silently ignored).

>From a non-technical users standpoint these two are very similar even
if, technically, they are very different.  To the end user, they are
configuring options here that define what they see and how they see it
in a program-global way.

The transparency belongs here because it's global and not on a per image
window basis.  You  might even merge these two into the Environment page
though I think that would be too much clutter for Environment.

> > 10. Page:  Folders
> >    a. What do the green dots in the "Folders" page represent?
> they indicate that the file/folder exists. Yes, they suck but it's the
> default GTK+ "yes" icon.

You have the space in this page so I'd remove these icons and replace
them with a text label that changes based on whether the directory
exists or not.  A "Create" button would be useful here as well.  The
text label will also help spread the contents of this page out a little,
making it feel less cluttered.

> >    b. Put the "tenp dir" and "swap dir" in frames.  Title each
> >       "Location for temporary files" and "Location of swap
> >       files".  Change the "..." to "Select a directory".  This will
> >       spread this page's contents out a bit.  It looks crowded
> >       right now.
> hmm, the "..." button is part of the GimpFileSelection widget:
> http://developer.gimp.org/api/1.3/libgimpwidgets/GimpFileSelection.html
> If we'd change it, we'd also change all the other Folders pages since
> they use it as well.

Bummer.  It would be nice if that button's text was configurable.

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