On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 02:57:49PM +0200, Daniel Egger wrote:
> Thanks, applied. I'm glad it works for you; I haven't received much
> feedback about it. What OS do you have?
Debian GNU/Linux (sid - unstable)

> Sure, but in that case we can still split them up a finer granularity on
> structure level, say: give every subsection it's own file instead of
> just every section.
k - lets see ... I'm not familiar with the "help-xml" syntax, but maybe
i'm on the right way. For example (gimp-help-2/help/C/toolbox/zoom.xml):
<lang name="en">
          The available tool options for Magnify can be accessed by double
          clicking the Magnify tool icon.

<lang name="de">
Or should the lang specified as an attribute? like:
<variablelist><title lang="de">Optionen</title>

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