Simon Budig writes:
 > If a windows user really needs scripting, I'd recommend to install
 > e.g. a bash.

True, but doesn't necessarily help. The Win32 process invokation API
(CreateProcess()) doesn't use a argument vector like Unix does. It
uses a "command line". The argv that a C or C+++ main() receives has
to be constructed from the command line that the operating system
passes to it. (In the Microsoft C library there are exec*()-like
functions that take an argument vector, but that argument vector is
then joined together into a command line that is actually passed to
the CreateProcess() API.)

Thus, there are many levels of quoting/unquoting/splicing/whatever
going on starting from the command line you type into bash on Cygwin
on Windows, ending at the argv passed to main(). If you value your
sanity, you shouldn't try to pass a Scheme expression potentially
requiring quotes, embedded spaces in arguments, whatever, to a

 > The other option always is to use  "gimp-1.3 --batch -" and pass
 > the commands to execute to stdin.

Unfortunately, in GIMP 1.2.x, that is explicitly disabled on Win32 in
the source. I don't remember the exact reason for this, presumably
because some detail in the GLib main loop Win32 implementation that
would have prevented it from working anyway. It isn't disabled in the
GIMP HEAD (i.e. 2.0preX) sources (and there has been some changes to
the GLib main loop now and then), so it might even work. I'll have to


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