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> Finally, wouldn't you also agree that it is better to be polite when
> rejecting someone else's well intentioned suggestions, than to respond in
> the extremely arrogant and insulting manner of Carol's replies to the
> newsgroup?
arrogance?  not matching the style of the lead developers on a
developers list.  not using google and "not liking" honest answers of
what people actually use.  using the words "insulting and arrogant" when
describing someones actions who has been constantly involved since 2000
at least.  hanging around more when money starts to dribble in?

good intentions?  i have been working since 2000 to share my good
experiences on how to use the gimp, as well as my bad ones.  sharing my
personal details about how i use my computer to do the job that you want
gimp to do only to be accused of not being helpful by you?

Kevin: me and the gimp developers are going to show up at your house,
eat your food and move your furniture around to suit our needs.  please
understand -- tis good intentions that allow us to do this and then
complain if you dont like what we do.

i am sure that Sven and yosh have great ideas about interior design.  we
will start with your plumbing -- even if it does works, we have been
talking about ways it will work for us and our stay much better. you
dont even have to thank us for our good intentions.

your welcome,

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