Christopher W. Curtis ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On 03/21/04 15:01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >One of the ideas that I believe Sven raised on irc, was that there
> >should be a minimal and trivial interface to the PDB that is not
> >based on any particular language but just consists of:
> >
> >     gimp_foo -bar 3 -baz yellow
> Perhaps I'm being extremely dense, but couldn't there be an interface:
> gimp -cmdfile <filename>
> Surely notepad can handle funny characters and the name of the file is 
> completely up to you so you can make it as shell-friendly as you'd like. 
>  GIMP could have some extra code to handle "text mode" files, but 
> that's about all that would be needed ...

While gimp --batch indeed accepts a script fu command (the "-" argument
is a special case to read the command from stdin) it is not that hard
to work around the missing filename argument.

Simply write a script fu script (e.g. called "script-fu-my-script"),
place it in the script directory (~/.gimp-2.0/scripts/)
and invoke it via

  gimp-2.0 --batch "(script-fu-my-script)"

thats it.


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