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> Subject: [Gimp-developer] The GUADEC meeting
> Hi,
> now that GUADEC is over and everyone's back home, you will probably
> want to know what has been happening related to GIMP at this year's
> GUADEC in Stuttgart. Let me try to give a short summary of the GIMP
> meeting we had on Monday.

> The menu reorganisation effort was raised. It seems that Akkana's
> proposal is widely accepted.

I wasn't previously aware of this proposal (no mention of it in the wiki
and I thought I was on the bug CC list but apparently not) but I
eventually found a patch by Akkana which I assume is the one to which you
are referring.
bug report on menu reorganistion:
Patch by Akkanna to get things started:

> The proposed patch can be improved but it is a good start. If Akkana or
> someone else has time and motivation to continute to work on this, then
> the patch can be committed right away.

The patch is a substantial improvement, an excellent start by Akkanna.

It will be a big improvement to have things grouped by what they do rather
than how they do it.  I think it is worth mentioning though that Adobe
Photoshop didn't even attempt this and instead they copped out and buried
their scripts in a seperate Actions dialog, so it may be difficult to keep
things managable as people want to add more and more extensions (but I
still think the patch is a very good and necessary first step).

I was thinking fo doing something similar for the python plugins (and
making sure to add ellipses where needed).  However some of the python
plugins duplicate existing functionality so putting two Clothify plugins
beside each other would only confuse users.  I see Akkanna tackled this by
marking the Script-Fu unsharp as "Unsharp 2" but if people have idea on
how to tackle this duplication of functionality I would be interested to
hear it. (I must say when it comes to learning to port scripts to python I
found it very helpful to have similar examples written in a different
language) plugin written .  One possible way to disambiguate similar
plugins might be to give them different menu icons but expect you can
probably come up with something better than that.


Alan Horkan

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