On 6/7/05, Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Nobody's commented on any of the other questions I asked in the bug,
> like whether it would be a good idea to fold the short Glass Effects
> menu into Light Effects, 

Sure, although it might be nice to put a separator between them

> or moving Enhance up to where it's just
> under Blur, 

That makes perfect sense to me.

> or whether there's a reasonable place for Show Image
> Structure since it's now the only item in Utils.

It seems to me like Show Image Structure belongs under
<Image>/Image/Show Structure

> Alan Horkan writes:

> > making sure to add ellipses where needed).  However some of the python
> > plugins duplicate existing functionality so putting two Clothify plugins
> > beside each other would only confuse users.  I see Akkanna tackled this by
> > marking the Script-Fu unsharp as "Unsharp 2" but if people have idea on
> > how to tackle this duplication of functionality I would be interested to
> I'd be interested too. I don't like "Unsharp Mask 2" but strings
> like "Unsharp Mask (script-fu)" are likely to make the menus too
> long. Anyone have a better idea?

Does the script-fu version do anything the plug-in does not?  If it
doesn't, there isn't any sense in keeping it around.

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