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> Alan Horkan writes:
> > I was thinking fo doing something similar for the python plugins (and
> It was my intention to include python-fu as well. I must have missed

Excellent.  If you could add the ellipses (...) too I'd appreciate it.

> Nobody's commented on any of the other questions I asked in the bug,

I'd like to get your changes in as it is so difficult to get everyone
to agree and then start to make more changes as we can get some
sense of what changes are uncontraversial and people are happy with.

> like whether it would be a good idea to fold the short Glass Effects
> menu into Light Effects,

go for it

(it is probably worth mentioning though that Photoshop puts Lens under
Distorts and now it the time to consider incorporating things from

> or moving Enhance up to where it's just under Blur, or whether there's a
> reasonable place for Show Image Structure since it's now the only item
> in Utils.

I thought it had been changed already but abbreviations like Utils and
Decor should be avoided.

> I'll go ahead and move Enhance since no one objected; maybe I'll
> try to come up with some place to stick Show Image Structure.

I'm really not sure, I think that might require a rethink of what
categories are needed to accomodate third party plugins and scripts.
(I'd be tempted to dumpt it beside Colour Cube analysis because I use
both for similar puroposes but I know that isn't a good answer).

> (The bug is http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116145 if
> anyone wants to comment there or read the questions in more detail.)

> I'd be interested too. I don't like "Unsharp Mask 2" but strings
> like "Unsharp Mask (script-fu)" are likely to make the menus too
> long. Anyone have a better idea?

I didn't want to mention it earlier but as you intend making another
patch I should mention you used _U as the mnemonic for both Unsharps.

A lot of my opinions have been added to the Wiki page but it doesn't lend
itself to discussion or otherwise sorting out which ideas people really
want, I suppose I should try and catch people on IRC sometime this week
and thrash out which other ideas people feel strongly about rather than
cluttering the list with too many little details and slowly churning
through them one by one.


Alan Horkan

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