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> Subject: Re: Akanna Menu patch [was Re: [Gimp-developer] The GUADEC
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> > written .  One possible way to disambiguate similar plugins might
> > be to give them different menu icons but expect you can probably
> > come up with something better than that.

> I always saidthat tehere should be some way to identificate a menu
> entry. Not only there will be up to four (C, script-fu, Python-fu,
> tiny-fu) equivalent entries on a row, as you point out - but I think
> one has the right to know how each menu entry got there.

'kay, menu icons clearly aren't the best idea.

> I suggested them that right-clicking on a menu item would bring some
> information about it. (Like:  the package where it came from, what
> language it is written in, and maybe even accept a new shortcut for that
> item, without having to enable "dynamic shortcuts")

I really like the idea of providing information about menu items but not
the proposed implementation.  The way many other Gnome and GTK give the
information applications do is to show a description of a menu item in the
status bar.  Perhaps the existing short description/summary/blurb in most
plugins could potentially be repurposed for this, what do you think?


Alan Horkan

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