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> For example. if the user types "size", he sees the options "Scale
> image - resize the image", "Set canvas size", and "Print size".
> Selecting the first option invokes resize mode, as if the item "Image
> / Scale image" had been selected from the conventional menu.
But both gtk+ and gimp go towards beginner users in their UI: well-known
interface design targetted at non-professional users that prefer the mouse
over the keyboard (see for example the re-occurring discussion about the
file chooser and its lack of efficient and simple completion).

It is intended to be useful for beginners, in being efficient to find
that they need.  When I first tried to use Gimp years ago, it already
had a large menu system that baffled me.  Most of the time I had to
search through menus for a way to do what I wanted with the image.  I
would take guesses and try the menu that seemed most promising, but
often traversed half of the menus, and sometimes all the menu items
twice!  This repeated the next time I wanted to do the same thing!
And still does today! I can't learn the menus, because they are too
many (and the names are cryptic to me since I am not a design artist).

> The search can be invoked with a key combination like Control+F (or
> perhaps just by typing?).

Just typing is better, but in GIMP you have too many (important) functions
on your keyboard.

I had not realized this!
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