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I guess you should have a menu or a similar interface in addition/tandem with
a query interface.

Yes, that's what I am suggesting.  I do think the that the menu is
unnecessary. For example, see the Archy project, started by user
interface expert Jef Raskin, http://www.raskincenter.org/.  But I am
afraid that if I suggest replacing the menu, there will be so much
opposition that the query interface will never be implemented and
integrated into GIMP.  World domination will come more sneakily :-)

I have implemented a similar solution in my
prototypes of more advanced layer interfaces and added one more thing,
items can exist in multiple locations in the menu system with the aim
to make it easier finding what you are looking for when only browsing
the menu as well.

Adding an item to more than one menu is probably a good idea.  It must
have been tried before, and perhaps even user tested, but I haven't
researched to know whether it was useful or confusing.

http://pippin.gimp.org/tmp/search-menu.gif contains a recorded
animation of the UI elements I've been using.

I did not understand what is the purpose of the interface in the
animation.  I see that you have some searching, but there is a lot of
use of the mouse, which is generally inefficient.
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