On 11/6/06, Øyvind Kolås <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Perhaps you'll find the interface in
http://pippin.gimp.org/gegl/gegl-20061105.gif easier to decode, since
that is a screengrab made to illustrate such a type to find a filter
interface. In that interface I copied the mozilla behavior of focusing
"the location bar" with ctrl+L probably a suboptimal choice but it
worked for my experiment[1].

Yeah, this is similar to what I was suggesting, and it seems to work
quite nicely.

By the way, notice how you had to move the dialog box out of the way
sometimes in order to see the image you were editing.  This happens to
me in Gnome a lot, especially with the crop tool, which I use a lot.
It pops up right where I am making a selection, so I can't see what I
am selecting!  How daft!

It would be much better if it popped up as a button that expands to a
dialog when you (say) mouse over it and contracts back to a button if
you move the mouse outside the dialog.  Or the dialog should pop up
outside the image if possible (over the toolbox if it exists and does
not overlap with the image), or at the edge of the image where I am
less likely to work.
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