There have been many posts regarding the Gimp interface here. I
consider myself what you refer to as a 'casual user', although I use
the Gimp on a daily basis. My primary use is to edit photographs for
posting to a website.

For historical reasons, the preferred image size of the final product
is 300x200 pixels. My current camera produces images which scale down
to 300x225. Therefore, a part of my normal workflow is to crop the
scaled image down to eliminate the extraneous 25 pixels (usually
either ground or sky; this is a real estate webpage).

Using the 2.2 version, the interface of the crop tool was very handy
for me. Typing Shift-c brings up the tool; a quick move of the mouse
creates a selection area; over to the tool-option menu that
automatically pops up, type in 300 and 200 for the dimensions; now
grab the lower-left handle and move the selection as desired, click
and it's done. 

I recently upgraded to Mandrivel 2007, which includes the 2.3. Did my
first crop this morning. No tool-option. Okay, clicked on the tools,
or view, or some danged thing, found the tool option. Hmmm, a whole
bunch of stuff that doesn't really relate to what I am doing. Finally
I find some hidden dimensioning menu and enter in the 300 and
200. Grab the lower left corner - whoops! All the corners resize the
selection! Handy.... not. Okay, redo it, and eventually discover how I
can move the selection. Whoa! Instead of automatically confining
itself to the image as before, I can move the selection outside of the
image. Now that's *really* handy - like I would ever want to select a
certain size and then have part of it outside the image..... Play very
carefully with it until I get it to a spot where it aligns with one of
the side boundaries, and then very carefully move it down to where I
want it. Whoops, now I'm two pixels outside the image, carefully
jiggle it back. Whew. What used to be a 10-second task now takes a
couple of minutes, and I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome from
all the mousing around. I'm really looking forward to the next time I
have 16 pictures to get posted by 9:00 am.....

I don't know if this is the proper place to post this sort of thing,
but I do hope that you developers will consider listening to some of
us casual users, as the interface has gotten way too overloaded and
user-unfriendly. I seriously am thinking of going back to 2.2, and I
shudder to even think of what a mess 2.4 is going to be if this is any
indication of "progress". How can a tool so simple in concept and so
frequently used as "crop" have been bollixed up so badly?

Scott Swanson
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