Scott wrote:

> How can a tool so simple in concept and so frequently used as "crop"
> have been bollixed up so badly?

By working on it.

If you are interested in the progress and want to influence future
development, you should try to get GIMP built directly from CVS. Even
current 2.3 releases (right now 2.3.12) get outdated pretty soon because
they are tested by a larger user group and thus trigger changes due to
reported bugs.

Bugs are reported in Bugzilla. is a redirect to the
overview for GIMP, this is where someone who wants to report a bug
should start to search for similiar reports.

P.S. GIMP 2.3 is not supposed to replace GIMP 2.2. It is recommended to
have 2.2 installed and use it for production work. It's also useful to
have it around when testing 2.3, because you may be asked or may want to
compare its behaviour to the previous version.


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