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> You should probably give yourself more that a few crops to get used to the  
> new layout before shouting too loud, you may actually like some of the new  
> features once you've found them.

Yes, it *does* have lots of new features, and I'm getting sort of used
to it, but the amount of mouse-clicking required is annoying.

One suggestion: When a tool starts trying to be all things to all
people, it becomes difficult to use for everyone. Here's my idea,
FWIW, on the tool options:

The 1st time an option menu is selected for a tool, a window pops up
with every option displayed. They are grouped into groups, and each
group has a checkbox beside it. Display all the time, or not? Eg,
IIRC, in the case of the crop tool there would be Crop/Scale as one
group, "Operate on single layer" and whatever else as another, the
rectangle section as another, etc.

Once the user has figured out which areas he/she would normally be
interested in seeing, there is a "Save Preferences" button at the
bottom. (Also, there could be a final checkbox like "Always display
option menu when using this tool").

When the preferences are saved, the next time the option pops up, it
only shows those which were checked. At the bottom of the menu, there
is a down arrow showing that more options are available, and
left-clicking this brings up the rest that were not
checked. *Right-clicking* the arrow brings up the original full-menu
with check boxes so that one can change the preferences again.

This would make it a lot easier for the user to customise a tool to
fit his/her usual work-flow with a minimum of mousing around in a
menu. And the full arsenal of other options would be just one click
away. As it is, the user is stuck with the order which the developer
thinks is important, and in my case, where I normally always want to
see the rectangle features, I have to go over to the option, click the
rectangle pointer, then scroll down to get what I want. Whereas I
couldn't usually care less about the crop/scale option that is first
on the list. Maybe not a big deal, but just annoying enough to make me
gnash my teeth.

> not a good choice go bug Mandrivel about that. The fact that they are  
> already distributing something called 2007 clearly shows their numerical  
> "marketing" strategy.

Completely OT: I remember the days when US carmakers brought out their
next-year's designs in the fall - eg, the 1964 models were introduced
in fall of 1963. So maybe this is Mandrivel's strategem. My
grandfather was a Ford dealer, and always took great pains to conceal
the newly-arrived models from the public until the Grand Unveiling. To
the point that he would drive a model from his garage to the public
display the night before with bedsheets over it, driving down the back
alleys in the wee hours of the morning.....

Scott Swanson
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