On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 10:32:50AM -0600, Scott wrote:
> Using the 2.2 version, the interface of the crop tool was very handy
> for me. Typing Shift-c brings up the tool; a quick move of the mouse
> creates a selection area; over to the tool-option menu that
> automatically pops up, type in 300 and 200 for the dimensions; now
> grab the lower-left handle and move the selection as desired, click
> and it's done. 

The old crop tools was ok if you have a fixed target size. 
The dialog always got in the way for the cases where you crop 
the image to find the right aspect.

> I recently upgraded to Mandrivel 2007, which includes the 2.3. Did my
> first crop this morning. No tool-option. Okay, clicked on the tools,
> or view, or some danged thing, found the tool option. Hmmm, a whole
> bunch of stuff that doesn't really relate to what I am doing. Finally
> I find some hidden dimensioning menu and enter in the 300 and
> 200.

The new place of the dimensions saves me from having to move a dialog 
out of my way every time. I'm less happy about the expander, though.

> Grab the lower left corner - whoops! All the corners resize the
> selection! Handy.... not.

Resizing and finding the right cutout has become way easier now.

> Instead of automatically confining
> itself to the image as before, I can move the selection outside of the
> image. Now that's *really* handy - like I would ever want to select a
> certain size and then have part of it outside the image.....

Sometimes I need to crop extending to outside the current image.
But there should be an option for confining to current size.
On by default, as it's the right choice in most cases, I think.

> How can a tool so simple in concept and so
> frequently used as "crop" have been bollixed up so badly?

To me it seems it's just that you see only a single use case ;)

Thorsten Wilms
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