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>I don't know if this is the proper place to post this sort of thing,
>but I do hope that you developers will consider listening to some of
>us casual users, as the interface has gotten way too overloaded and
>user-unfriendly. I seriously am thinking of going back to 2.2, and I
>shudder to even think of what a mess 2.4 is going to be if this is any
>indication of "progress". How can a tool so simple in concept and so
>frequently used as "crop" have been bollixed up so badly?

Scott, thanks for the feedback, although you could try to be a bit less
emotional about it, since this is after all a development version.
Several of the things you complain about have already been changed in
the most recent builds, motivated by feedback similar to yours.  
Others simply reflect that you haven't learned yet how to use the new 
features.  For example, if you always want a 300x200 crop region, you can 
set the width and height in the options,  *and activate the checkboxes next 
to them*.  If you do that, then the width and height will stay fixed no 
matter what you do with any of the corners.

Best wishes,

  -- Bill

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