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I define an alias to make life easier:

alias gncvs='cd /svn && cvs -z3 -d
:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs/gnome '

You do know that you have to do this step only once, don't you?
Afterwards it's just cvs up.

And the release notes (http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.3.html)
recommend to use something like --prefix=/opt/gimp-2.3 as parameters for


AFAIK it is necessary to supply -d arg to each command unless you set up env variables to dedicate all further use of cvs to gnome . The link to the release notes will certainly be helpuful for getting 2.3 to cohabit with 2.2.

Distribution of binary packages of the development version is discouraged unless it is made clear that this >>is an early development snapshot.

Maybe the OP would like to bring that to the attn. of Mandrivel 2010 devs !

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