On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 02:29:31PM -0600, Scott wrote:

> I also completely fail to see
> any reason why areas outside the image should be selectable by a crop
> tool. If I lay a paper photograph on a table and take an xacto knife
> to it, do I reasonably expect to cut out part of the table along with
> what I cut out of the photograph? It is nonsensical.

You're quick with a word like 'nonsensical', when in fact you just 
have a narrow view on this.

You could for example have a photo and now you want to add a border 
around it. The canvas size dialog doesn't the same direct manipulation.

The GIMP is also a nice tool for drawing. Here it can always happen 
that you want to change the composition. Perhaps the foreground asks 
for more space on the left. Easy to do with the crop tool, especialy 
now it has guides (center, golden cut ...).

Thorsten Wilms
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