On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 11:36:48AM -0700, William Skaggs wrote:
> Scott, thanks for the feedback, although you could try to be a bit less
> emotional about it, since this is after all a development version.

Sorry, I tend to get emotional over tools like the Gimp that I have
known and loved for many years....

> Several of the things you complain about have already been changed in
> the most recent builds, motivated by feedback similar to yours.  


> Others simply reflect that you haven't learned yet how to use the new 
> features.  For example, if you always want a 300x200 crop region, you can 
> set the width and height in the options,  *and activate the checkboxes next 
> to them*.  If you do that, then the width and height will stay fixed no 
> matter what you do with any of the corners.

So two more mouse clicks. I'll learn, I'll learn.... But the deal with
the lower-left/upper-right handles being movers and the other two
being stretchers has been a feature of gimp for a long time. I checked
on the version 1.0.4 on this ancient machine I use at my real
workplace, and it is the same there, and was until 2.2. Why would that
suddenly be changed? Very disconcerting. I also completely fail to see
any reason why areas outside the image should be selectable by a crop
tool. If I lay a paper photograph on a table and take an xacto knife
to it, do I reasonably expect to cut out part of the table along with
what I cut out of the photograph? It is nonsensical.

Can someone point me to a hint on how to get the newest CVS version? I
don't have lots of time, but I guess if I have further comments I
ought to be looking at the newest bleeding edge.

Thanks for your help, I'll check out the checkboxes tonight.

Scott Swanson
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