Sven Neumann writes:
> If you had read the specification (and I expect all of you to have done
> that), you would know that the current state of the rectangle tool
> options panel is far from final. 

I knew it wasn't final. I did wonder what the current buttons were for.

The specification you're referring to is the one Peter posted to
this list in December? In other words,
(The image attachment didn't make it to the archives, but I saved
the message and it's not that different from the current aspect
ratio, except that it has portrait and landscape buttons to the
right of the text field instead of the mysterious "Fix".)

I'm confused about one thing in the spec: it says
| From all three tool option panels, remove all the Fix buttons,
| The line with the Aspect fields, and the three buttons below it.

Just to be clear, the line with the Aspect fields isn't really
removed, just changed to look like Peter's sketch, right? So the
text field stays, a "Use ratio" checkbox is added above it, and the
Fix to its right are replaced with the portrait/landscape icons.

I'd be happy to update the tool options to be more like the spec,
if you're looking for a volunteer and it wouldn't step on any toes.

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