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> On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 01:58:21PM +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Despite the idiot-user title of this feature (copied for PS it seems)
> ...
>> If the user is so lame that they are going to click on a feature called
>> "save for the web"
> If a user wants to save images for use on the web, save_for_the_web
> is high level thinking and not lame or idiotic.

I said idiot-user title, it is that sort of title that is treating the  
user as an idiot.

I should probably have chosen a more precise and less emotive term than  
lame. In chosing "save for the web" the use indicates he does not know  
what is involved and is expecting gimp to magically do it for him, not  
unreasonably since the program is offering that as an option. I believe  
offering that option to be a mistake. It seems to be mainly motivated by  
"Photoshop does it so we ought to as well".

> The choice of format is secondary.
> 1. save for web
> 2. use most appropiate format
>> Someone
>> choosing "save for the web" needs help, let's provide some rather than
>> maintaining them in thier ignoracen and providing enevitably compromised
>> solutions.
> I know the characteristics of JPG, PNG, GIF. I can usually tell
> what will work best. There are border cases, though. Then I have
> to experiment and can't formulate save_as_jpg or save_as_my_png
> as my initial goal at all.

Well if you can tell what usually works best that probably means you'll  
slightly better than a "save for the web" feature anyway. You'll probably  
be able to set an appropriate jpeg compression level for your specific  
image based on the quality your require for your context.

In other cases, where you need to experiment, you clearly indicate you  
know what you're doing and my comments dont apply to you.

What I am suggesting is empowering users to get to that stage rather than  
providing mediocre results with "optimisations" determined without  
established criteria or prior knowlege of the data.

We have the choice to provide a better solution than PS rather than just  
playing catch-up.

That's what I'd like to see.


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