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> On Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 20:03:59, peter sikking wrote:
>> - that in-dialog cropping looks like a very uncomfortable way
>>    to do that to me;
>> - simply display the Size in the fields that are now called
>>    Resize now without the open/close triangle, and remove the
>>    other size display;
> I actually find resize/crop controls redundant in the Save for Web  
> dialog -
> I usually prepare the image beforehand while keeping it in a native
> (lossless) format, then just expect to use Save for Web to export the  
> image
> for upload to a website without touching the original.
> Instead, I'd want to see the colour subsampling setting in the export  
> plugin
> - some images just can't be made good looking with 2x2 colour  
> subsampling.
>> - why can't the plug-in figure out which combination of
>>    Optimise/Progressive/Baseline will produce the smallest
>>    file size, and let me select that as Smallest?

Despite the idiot-user title of this feature (copied for PS it seems)  
there is no magic optimum or true minimum size. All this depends on the  
nature of the image and quality compromises one is prepared to accept.  
This is necessarily subjective and can never be predetermined by software.

If the user is so lame that they are going to click on a feature called  
"save for the web" I sincerly think the most useful way to help him  
fullfil his needs would be to display a dlg with a brief guide to the key  
tasks required: cropping , image file format choice, quality/size  
play-offs etc. Perferably with links to fuller information.

The necessary tools are already in Gimp so why duplicate them? Someone  
choosing "save for the web" needs help, let's provide some rather than  
maintaining them in thier ignoracen and providing enevitably compromised  

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