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> Despite the idiot-user title of this feature (copied for PS it seems)  


> If the user is so lame that they are going to click on a feature called  
> "save for the web" 

If a user wants to save images for use on the web, save_for_the_web 
is high level thinking and not lame or idiotic.

The choice of format is secondary.
1. save for web
2. use most appropiate format

> Someone  
> choosing "save for the web" needs help, let's provide some rather than  
> maintaining them in thier ignoracen and providing enevitably compromised  
> solutions.

I know the characteristics of JPG, PNG, GIF. I can usually tell 
what will work best. There are border cases, though. Then I have 
to experiment and can't formulate save_as_jpg or save_as_my_png 
as my initial goal at all.

Thorsten Wilms

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