I don't know if everyone of the GIMP development team is as annoyed of
Carol as I am, but I know that there are quite a few people who are.

It has been a pleasure for me to notice that she stopped mailing to
gimp-developer and gimp-user a while ago. In my opinion, the quality of
the lists has improved and participating has become a lot more fun since
she's gone.

However she is still permanently around in #gimp and probably also in
other GIMP related IRC channels. And she also hasn't stopped posting to
our bug-tracker. I have asked her to stop doing that. I have asked her
to leave the GIMP channels. But she doesn't respect this.

We will have to do something about this situation. Or even more
developers, including myself, will leave the project. As a start, I ask
everyone who feels harrassed by Carol to tell her that she is not
welcome and to ask her to leave. Perhaps then she realizes that this is
not just a personal threat from me.

Whoever controls the bots on the #gimp channel, can you please remove
the rule that gives carol a channel operator status? It's evil enough
that she's around harassing newbies. With this status it looks as if she
was somehow official.

I also ask Yosh to give Carol a reasonable time-frame to move her
content from our web-server so that we can disable her account. I don't
want to give anyone the impression that she might still be considered a
member of the GIMP team.


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