Sven Neumann wrote:
> We will have to do something about this situation. Or even more
> developers, including myself, will leave the project. As a start, I ask
> everyone who feels harrassed by Carol to tell her that she is not
> welcome and to ask her to leave. Perhaps then she realizes that this is
> not just a personal threat from me.

I'd hate to do this to any other, but this situation has gone unchecked
for a long time. Having been a target of her somehow scornful and insane
behavior several times, I also ask for her removal, but more than that,
I also think she's genuinely insane and needs to seek medical attention
(seriously). She may not be doing all of this on purpose for fun, but
maybe because she has mental issues.

#gimp is not your average IRC room. Similar to other rooms on GimpNet,
developers get together there and there's mutual respect. Among the
things I remember:

- She `attacks' people in the channel, such as this one time when she
was annoyed with akk and she tried to drag me into the conversation ---
I had just quit my job of 5 years and when I refused to participate in
her attacks and wanted to be left alone, she points out my employment
situation on IRC to tick me off and made me quit the channel.

- She has claimed crazy things in channel to undermine me, such as that
I wanted to marry a US citizen to get a H-1B visa.

- She claimed in a nonsense `apology email' that GIMP project and #gimp
are `homo-erotic love fests' due to something that a GIMP developer told
her (I am not going to disclose that email here for it'd hurt that
person). This was irritating to read as GIMP is not an erotic love fest,
at least not to its contributors. She also claimed that this GIMP
developer told her that we were all trying to get sexually involved with
her. All this this shows her lack of respect towards her co-contributors.

- I had tried to talk sense into her, tried to explain that nobody is
out to get her or ill treat her in any way. We're just trying to run a
project. But nothing works and she just replies with nonsense. Reasoning
with her has no effect.

- She does not speak rationally. In a lot of cases, it's simply nonsense
which nobody can understand or a mockery of her co-developers.

- If I'm not mistaken, bolsh (Dave Neary) left the GIMP project due to
inaction on Carol's behaviour.

- Even today she claimed something silly, that I had sent a person this
morning into the channel to ask her about my authoring a plug-in, when I
had had absolutely no communication with her in the recent past
whatsoever. I have her on ignore nowadays, but her message got through
because I was IRC'ing from a new place.

If there are anyone who know her personally and are nearby, please get
her medical attention.

Kind regards,


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