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> I also think she's genuinely insane and needs to seek medical attention
> (seriously). She may not be doing all of this on purpose for fun, but
> maybe because she has mental issues.

Having been a target of one of her episodes in 2004 myself, I went at great,
exhaustive length to explain her obvious and serious condition of codependence
to her using a series of many small and simple arguments building up to my
notion of her problem.

This was only met at first with more insults and aggression, and once she
learned that I would not budge from my position, subsequently was met with utter
silence. I think I got lucky, considering all that has happened since.

I believe that she is in dire need of professional help.

> But nothing works and she just replies with nonsense. Reasoning
> with her has no effect.

This statement matches my own observation completely.

> - Even today she claimed something silly, that I had sent a person this
> morning into the channel to ask her about my authoring a plug-in, when I
> had had absolutely no communication with her in the recent past
> whatsoever. I have her on ignore nowadays, but her message got through
> because I was IRC'ing from a new place.

One of her methods to involve people into playing along to her mind games and
hence feed the requirements of her condition is the declaration of false
statements as to force people to react.

Another is to provide unsolicited "help" so that people receiving it would
"thank her later" for it.

Wikipedia has an entry on "Codependence". I suggest considering this to beher

> If there are anyone who know her personally and are nearby, please get
> her medical attention.

Yes, please. Her condition is serious.


   Daniel Pisano

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