Von: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Whoever controls the bots on the #gimp channel, can you please remove
> the rule that gives carol a channel operator status? It's evil enough
> that she's around harassing newbies. With this status it looks as if she
> was somehow official.

Other networks have policies that encourage people to not have operator status 
until needed. Usually, a bot is the only one to have op status. 

IMO this is useful - it does reduce the "us vs. them" partitioning by at least 
one magnitude. Also, any action that does become necessary can be performed 
more stealthily (per hit-and-run, maybe even through the bot).

It does not solve the problem of who should have ops, but it could be a move 
into the right direction (that anyone who has ops should have a good reason for 

My 2c,
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