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> Mukund Sivaraman <muks <at> mukund.org> writes:
> > If there are anyone who know her personally and are nearby, please get
> > her medical attention.
> Yes, please. Her condition is serious.

You both raised several valid points about Carol's unacceptable
behavior.  However, it would have been better to avoid stating on
a public mailing list that she needs medical attention (regardless
of whether it is true or not).  These comments should have been
private.  They can easily be perceived as an insult and they
weaken your other arguments because you are attacking her person
instead of her behavior.

I still have some respect for Carol as a person and her medical
condition is none of my business.  However, her behavior is not
acceptable and it has a negative impact on the project and its
developers, as can be seen from the comments posted here.

I just want her to stop doing what she is doing to the project;
I do not care about the rest of her life.  Considering that she
did not stop despite numerous requests over the years, Sven is
right in that some administrative action is required now.  And as
sad as it might be, she should also understand that her actions
resulted in her not being welcome anymore.  She used to be a
member of the GIMP community, but not anymore.  She should try to
find some other people who welcome her, preferably in real life
and not online.


P.S.: I'll stop patronizing now.  I also have my bad habits...
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