> We will have to do something about this situation. Or even more
> developers, including myself, will leave the project.

My stance on the issue:

People have different strengths and I think that sometimes it is
necessary to overlook negative attributes of a person if the person does
valuable contributions.

I'm not really sure in what way carol contributes though, so letting her
have traits of an "official" GIMP:er (like IRC op status) does indeed
not really make sense.

However, if a person does *negative* contributions, like confuse
newcomers and add noise to mailing lists and bug trackers, one has to
consider more serious actions, like first asking the person to leave
(already done in this case), and if he/she doesn't, ban him/her.

I absolutely hate the idea of banning people, but if I have to choose
between keeping carol and one of the most contributing people to the
GIMP, the choice is obvious...

Carol, I want to stress that I have nothing personal against you, I
think you have an interesting personality (maybe it's because I haven't
been around so long yet :d), but in situations like this; I have no
choice, sorry.

- Martin Nordholts
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