>I like modular structures becouse they allows more custom changes. So this
>way you can change your layout of panels. But if all it would be in a
>window , ithink lot of users would thanks that. becouse i hear a lot..."
>Gimp is nice , but his gui is ugly and uncomfortable.i don?t like to see a
>lot of panels flying through my desktop"
>Lets give it a try to a single window mode
>2009/9/5 Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com>
>> On 09/05/2009 06:22 PM, Richard Nespithal wrote:
>> >> A single-window mode would also turn 2.8 into a remarkable release
>> > is it possible, to switch back to multi-window mode in 2.8?
>> That is not really relevant to this thread.
>> (But yes of course it will be possible.)
>>  / Martin
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   I don't know why people mention so much that if you create a single window
Gimp that that it will not allow you to put your tools in a second monitor
because I used Photoshop also many times and despite it being a single window
program it allows you to put the toolbox and the parameter windows (or at
least it did in some older versions) in a separate monitor and leave the main
program window all for editing pictures if that's what people wanted. You coul
also save the workspace layout so Photoshop always opened like this and Gimp
already has the ability to save it's layout too. Photoshop allowed this
perfectly and still was a single window program.

   If that's the concern of people then perhaps Gimp should become a single
windows program that allows this, that allows you to put the toolbox and the
right utilities window in a separate monitor while still preserving a single
box or entry in the taskbar. In my opinion having a single entry in the
taskbar is much better because it's far less messy, the biggest problem with
the multiple entries interface is that some people seem to think that
everybody opens Gimp only here and there and ocasioanlly and they are not
thinking of the profesional users that use Gimp seriously (and yes it is a
powerfull program already and it can be used seriously) and some people seem
to be forgetting that some people like me for example many, many times have
several windows and applications running simultaneously and when I mean
several I mean a lot, I find myself many times with 10 or 12 aplications
and/or utilities or more open at the same time (with todays memorys and CPU
power this is very possible and more common than some people think) and
switching among them and believe me this is not uncommon for professional
artists that are jumping from 3D to illustration to bitmap editor, video
editing, Flash and/or a web page layout program or even more programs back and
fort like a carrousel. In todays workflow you can find many users that work
just like that instead of the persons that just open a bitmap editor
ocasionally and the issue is that when you have a lot of windows of different
programs open at the same time a program like Gimp can become a mess in the
task bar in MS Windows or even in other Operating Systems. Sometimes when I'm
working like that the taskbar is so full that it creates a second entry line
and you have to switch between the first line of items or entries in the task
bar and the secong and with Gimps it gets sort of confusing or anoying in that
situation and I use Blender too which creates a second window for the command
window and many times a third windows for the rendering window and then you
get a mess. Programs that have a single entry in the task bar are far better
for this type of workflow, they are easier to manage.

Maybe the Gimp team should make a survey to see how many people prefer the
single entry or single window program over the multiple ones. This issue of
too many windows have been a source of complain of many, many Gimp users for
long years and I think that it would be foolhardy to ignore and at the very
least the Gimp team should consider making a survey to see how many people
prefer the single window interface but remember what I told you at first about
being able to put the toolbox pane and the right pane in other monitors
despite the program being  single window or single entry program.

I think that part of the confussion comes precisely from the fact that the
issue of being a single window program and a program that has a single entry
in the task bar are really two separate things.

I personally, deffinitely prefer the Gimp being a program that always shows
as a single entry in the taskbar that's really my main concern, it's just
easier to manage single entry programs with a multiple applications workflow. 

David G. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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