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>    I don't know why people mention so much that if you create a single window
> Gimp that that it will not allow you to put your tools in a second monitor
> because I used Photoshop also many times and despite it being a single window
> program it allows you to put the toolbox and the parameter windows (or at
> least it did in some older versions) in a separate monitor and leave the main
> program window all for editing pictures if that's what people wanted.

PhotoShop (e.g. CS2) is not MDI -- you can drag images out of the
"desktop" window too. And it's not single-window either.  Instead,
there's a "desktop" window, but that's really there (I think) just
to make sure other program windows don't interfere visually, and
to make people think it's still an MDI program.  Of course, it also
minimises completely, unlike gimp where I can have two images
minimised and one open (which is good) and then if I close the
image that's open (not minimized i mean), I am left with a toolbox
and no images, so I no longer have access to any menus.

GIMP already shows as a single entry in the gnome taskbar, here
at least, so there's "minimise all" available now.

At any rate, Martin, I'm sure you already know people use "MDI"
loosely to mean "behaviour I'd like to see, involving my
perception of fewer windows" and "single window" to mean
"multiple windows that minimise together" or "program that
can't really be used to work on multiple projects at the
same time and hence is less confusing for me" :-)

Right now gimp is broken for working on multiple projects (the
file/save changes have rendered it too hard to keep track of
where images are being "exported") but the use case is central
(I think) to how "single window" needs to work.


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