>> Von: "David G." <for...@gimpusers.com>
>> In another Gimp related issue, in mi new Windows Vista machine Gimp 2.6.7
>> crashes the graphic card driver a lot when I activate a selection markee.
>Nvidia has corrected the bug in at least some of their drivers, you might
want to check for updates. I think that it had been XP in the cases I've read
about, though.
>On a side note, I had a very hard time convincing users that this kind of
problem (display flickers when using a selection in GIMP with a very specific
Nvidia card, and others don't have the same problem) is something that should
be reported to Nvidia. They insisted that the problem has to be in GIMP...
>Don't be afraid to send reports about bug you've encountered to any company,
insitution, service, ... . If they never hear about it, they can't fix it.

Update: I checked again in the Nvidia site and there was a driver update
shortly after I installed the most recent I could find there meaning that I
downloaded the newest drivers at about the first week of August and when I
checked after this last post I saw that Nvidia had posted new drivers on the
20th of August so I downloaded and installed those and the bug seems to be
gone, I have not noticed the screen flashing anymore when I activate the
selection markee and the problem happened happened fairly quickly after doing
that and the GPU has not reported that it has crashed and recovered again so I
think that it was definitely a driver problem, great! I can use my Gimp

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