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> In another Gimp related issue, in mi new Windows Vista machine Gimp 2.6.7
> crashes the graphic card driver a lot when I activate a selection markee.

Nvidia has corrected the bug in at least some of their drivers, you might want 
to check for updates. I think that it had been XP in the cases I've read about, 

On a side note, I had a very hard time convincing users that this kind of 
problem (display flickers when using a selection in GIMP with a very specific 
Nvidia card, and others don't have the same problem) is something that should 
be reported to Nvidia. They insisted that the problem has to be in GIMP...

Don't be afraid to send reports about bug you've encountered to any company, 
insitution, service, ... . If they never hear about it, they can't fix it.

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