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> Some of your comments are valid but your basic premise is wrong. There 
> is nothing for sale, so the is NO VENDOR.

Of course there is a vendor. "To Vend" in the context I use it
means to offer for public consideration. Whether that is for a
price is detail. Use another word if you prefer, but the developers
of Gimp are offering it for public use.

> Applying your marketing terminology and mentality to a FOSS project is 
> wrong . Different motivations are the driving force.  The "customer" is 
> not king. He can be a collaborator.

In general though, a customer/user/whatever-you-want-to-call-them
can't be a collaborator, because they lack the expertise. That
the whole point of the exercise, someone chooses to use the expertise
embodied in something like GIMP because they don't have it themselves.
Even those few with the skill necessary to contribute may choose not
to do so, because they are employing it fully on some other worthwhile
project. (this is division of labor).

> So is complaining. With FOSS you can submit bugs reports if something 
> does not work , request a feature is you have an idea or contribute to 
> the project. The is no channel or reason to deal with "complaints".

It seem to me that far too many FOSS developers are quick to interpret any
sort of feedback or suggestion as a complaint and an affront. If you want
to keep your software just between contributors, then simply don't make
it available to the public. If you make it available to the public,
then be prepared to deal positively with feedback of all sorts.
To do otherwise amounts to bating.

> If you see a homeless person with his hand out and give him burger, you 
> don't expect him to come back and complain about the sauce.

If the burger has gravel in it, they may think you are being unhelpful,
or worse, trying to injure them. Do you expect them to say nothing ?
[ I'm not sure your analogy is helpful, as I suspect it is culturally

Graeme Gill.
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