On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 01:56 -0700, Charlie De wrote:
> > So go fix it in gegl. I think it was  decided 4 years ago what is going to 
> > happen to the layer mode  bugs.
> And my point is that wasn't such a good decision precisely because it took 4 
> years to get it fixed.  As stated, an earlier native fix would have brought 
> the 
> benefit to GEGL.  It's disingenuous to challenge me now, 4 years later, to 
> fix 
> it in GEGL.  If my line of thought had been followed 4 years ago, GEGL would 
> most likely already be fixed.

It would have taken an afternoon or two to fix it. Someone just needs to
spend that time and actually prepare a patch. This is not a question
about GEGL or not GEGL. If you feel that it is important to get this
fixed, then please submit a patch that introduces new fixed color modes.


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