>From Alexandre:
> There are many ways to make yourself  useful for the project.

I'm trying to do just that.

Someone, an end user, emailed me off-list, talking about how they'd be upset 
with a new rendering, talking of "lost files".

Let me offer a cheap and simple solution.  Release an incremental update in the 
stable branch, bundling a few bug fixes.  The release retains the broken Color 
mode.  Users are advised to update to take advantage of the bug fixes, and 
is no compatibility issue.  However, in the release notes accompanying the 
source, there is a new compile option, called for instance 
"--with-color-mode-fix".  It is made clear that the option should not be used 
those who may share their XCF files, because of the new rendering.

Simple, effective, problem solved.



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