On 7/29/10, Charlie De wrote:

> I beg to differ.  Priorities must ultimately be set by end users.

Let me just say that you fail to understand development process in real life.

Opinions of users are important, one cannot possibly doubt that. But
you cannot rely on just that, because every user has his/her own
priorities and rarely has any clue what under-the-hood changes it
might involve.

If you ask users here and now what they want, you are likely to hear:

1. Finish single-window mode! I don't need any of that 16bit fancy
stuff! Just make it usable!

2. To hell with single-window mode! I want my job done, I need high
bit-depth precision and LAB!

3. (to 1 and 2) Are you bloody stupid or what? Who needs that rubbish?
I want digital painting!

4. No, what GIMP really needs is CMYK!

And so on. If you tell users that they decide, what you have to do,
all hell will go loose, you won't hear yourself in the screaming crowd
and you won't get anything done.

Besides,  tell me, do you often manage to force yourself doing
something you are not interested in?  In your spare time? I don't
think so. People do free software development, because it's fun. If
it's not fun, why do it in the first place?

Priorities are clear: finishing major work on user interface that is
long overdue and proceeding with advanced functionality required for
people to get their job done. It's both fun for developers and useful
stuff for end-users. Everyone is happy. Except probably you :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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