Am Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010 schrub Charlie De:
> > Just in case, not everyone in this list is a GIMP developer.  There are
> > ways and ways to be involved in the project, so there's not much  point
> > counting opinions just because they were expressed. We all have  our
> > own ideas how GIMP could evolve, what bugs should be fixed first  and
> > so on, but as long as we do not write code, priorities are set  by
> > people who do.
> I beg to differ.  Priorities must ultimately be set by end users. 

Wrong. This is open source. That implies that whoever writes the code decides. 
If you don't agree in their decision you are free to grab your favorite text 
editor and do the changes yourself. Or find someone whom you can pay to do it 
for you.

IMO it's extremely rude to tell anyone what to do when all they do is done for 
free for your pleasure. So fix it or STFU.

> And I
> would repeat that the majority of end users would favour timely fixes of
> essential functionality over concerns how those fixes will render existing
> files.  My only point in all this is one of priorities.  By all means do
> whatever can be done to reduce any inconvenience of the new rendering, but
> don't use the compatibility issue as a block to essential fixes.  Not for
> 4 years!

I don't think any serious user would be willing to throw away his work of the 
last years just because GIMP breaks backwards compatibility. If that's ok for 
you it tells quite a lot about the quality of your work.


> Charlie

Tobias, who tries to calm down again. It's just that this kind of attitude 
pisses me off.

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