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> . So unless someone comes up with a very
> good idea this time, things will stay as they are.

I complained when we had two File->New menu items, and it did get
changed, but really I still think there should only be one menu.

The options really seem to be
* file->new to make a blank new file
* file->new to use a template to fill in default options
* use file->open-as-layers to base a new image on an existing file
* use file->open to edit an existing file
* use file->open to open a non-blank template (e.g. with guides)
* use file->create->screenshot to capture the screen
* use file->create->epkowa:usb:003:003 to scan from an Epson scanner
* use file->create->Patterns to use script-fu to make an image

All of these bring up dialogue boxes or file choosers.

Plus of course you can also drag from the desktop or elsewhere.

Since there's going to be a dialogue box, what if File->New brought up
a single unified box with the choices (and maybe with a drop area so you
can drag and drop a file to be used as a basis for a new image)?


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