On 27.08.2010 08:47, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> * We can remove File->Create altogether in GIMP 3.0. IMO none of the
>     things there fits our product vision. The ones that do should be
>     under Filter and not create a new image

For 3.0, i think we also can dispose 'New from Clipboard' and move
the screenshot functionality somewhere else *).

The standard user interface to the clipboard is Edit->Copy/Paste.
So why does the 'New from Clipboard' shortcut exist at all?

It's just because the image size has to be known at the time the
new image gets created.

Now the product vision explicitly covers the creation of collages,
where one in general *cannot* know the image size until the composition
is finished. Specifying an image size upfront amounts to manual memory
management here. So i think in GIMP 3.0 a new composition's size should grow
as the bounding box of its contents grows -- until the size gets explicitely
specified via Image->'Canvas Size' or on export.

That yields (like in Inkscape):

File->New->Default   (CTRL-N)              a fast action withouth a dialog

*) But where to put the screenshot function?
While the File menu by convention bundles all interfacing with the outside
world (other than the clipboard), the sceenshot function actually gets
impaired by mandatorily creating a new image. If the screenshot is planned to
become part of an existing composition it really sucks to earn a nag-screen on
closing the superfluously created image. I think it should simply paste into
the current layer.

Perhaps Tools->Screenshot Maker...
or      Extras->Screenshot...
or even Edit->Paste Screenshot...  ?!?

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