On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 12:22 +0200, yahvuu wrote:

> after some more thinking, here's my take for 2.8:
> File->New...
> File->Acquire->Scan from Device xy...
>                 Scan from Device yz...
> Nice extra: if there's only one device connected, the whole 'File->Acquire' 
> submenu
> can be replaced by 'File->Aquire Scan from Device xy...'.
> That should maximize scanner discoverability.

That's actually not implementable as the scanner entries are created by
plug-ins. All a plug-in can do is to register entries in a menu.

As far as I can tell not all scanner plug-ins register a menu entry per
device. Actually it's even a rather bad idea to do that since that means
that the plug-in needs to be run at every GIMP startup in order to query
for scanner devices. Actually it would even have to keep runnning to
make hot-plug of scanners work. It's a much better idea to just have a
"Scan" menu entry and do the device discovery at the moment the plug-in
is invoked. If there are multiple scanners connected, the plug-in can
present a device selection. For a single scanner it can skip this.

It will also be a pain to persuade the authors of scanner plug-ins to
change their menu registration based on the GIMP version. We can
work-around that to some extent by mapping menu paths to a different
place. That functionality is already in place for menu paths that have
been moved over the last GIMP versions. I guess most scanner plug-ins
even still register in <Image>/File/Acquire and are being mapped to


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