>I think that You are wrong. Did You asked to all GIMP users before saying that 
>something is not useful and nobody uses it?

>I haven't been asked. Please, don't say that nobody uses it, because You don't 
>know it. Also, It could be filters (scripts) that uses this filter, and They 
>would be broken.

Your reply with  theorical  general questions to a my practical and speciphic 

now would you please explain me why you want THAT filter, why do you want 
preserve the Van Gogh filter ?

what use you do of that filters?
You could describe how the Van gogh filter integrate in your workflow ?

Or even a example, a video or a tutorial or a blog entry that describe a 
possible use of that filter?, 

If not i would tempted to believe that you also never used that filter,

 and that , as almost everybody else , you get no idea of its possible 
practical use.

Maybe you talk of general principles, i talk of a crappy filter that nobody 
know why was never added to gimp
the only one described as "effects that nobody understand"...


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