On 11/16/10 14:07, photocomix wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> You can't know for sure that no one uses this plug-in in some script
>> somewhere, and if we don't have a good reason to break our plug-in API,
>> we don't do it. Impatience is not a good reason :)
> In this case i'm ready to bet 100 Euro that till now any bundled or even 
> third party script or plugin has Van Gogh as a dependency,
> i see most on replies are focused on the general matter
> But this IS a big exception, it is a insult to the Gimp product vision that 
> such filter is ,after 14 years that nobody use , and not because is too 
> complex but because is too  crappy to be used
> More
> 1)from 14 years this filter is misplaced in a totally wrong gimp menu
> (Artistic  submenu in filter but the filter has nothing to do with a artistic 
> filter
> Would fit better in a RENDER menu
> 2)IT is misnamed the effect has nothing to do with Van Gogh, or any other 
> painter,nothing to do  with a paint or draw effects.
> Obviously 1 is consequence of 2,
>   since was misnamed as "Van Gogh" somebody tough was a artistic filter, so 
> ended up to be not only in gimp by mistake for 14 years but also from 14 
> years mislabelled and  misplaced
> And no i will not report to bugzilla because as no bug to be reported
> It is impossible prove that doesn't work properly since is impossible guess 
> what should do
> The only BIG bug to report is the fact that such thingy is still in Gimp
> PS
> If has to be preserved till 3.0 i may hope at least to be relabelled,moved in 
> the right submenu and with a more descriptive tooltip ?
> as example
> CRAPPYFIER -tooltip_ this filter will replace all the pixels of your image 
> with crap

I can't recall having used this filter but since this seems to be such 
an important (!) issue I had a try on a randomly selected photo.

default settings just seemed to give a slight blurring. Not especially 
interesting but nothing to start a war over.

Then taking the time to experiment a bit, I selected convolve with white 
noise and upped a couple of parameters. The effect was somewhat like an 
impressionist rendition of my scene though with a bit too much 
regularity in some areas.

So at this point I recall that Van Gogh was an _impressionist artist_ 
and that perhaps some of what this filter can do is intended to look 
make the image look like an impressionist painting of the subject. Hence 
V.G. and the "artistic" submenu.

I don't have the time to fully evaluate what it can do since it seems to 
have a lot of parameters.

Since the subtly of the effect seems a bit unfair on V.G. perhaps it 
should just be called "impressionist". Artistic does seem as reasonable 
a place as any. The help bubble seems to have been written long after 
that filter was written and probably by someone who did not understand 
what it did and could not be bothered to find out. The comment was 
probably done light-heartedly and maybe ought to be made more meaningful.

As for "crap, crap, crap . etc" get a life as they say. You don't like 
to filter don't use it. This is not going to be a major issue at the 
next presidential nor is it a major issue for 3.0  Stop wasting 
everyone's time.

  There's plenty to be done on Gimp for things that actually _matter_.

End of story.

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