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> I can't recall having used this filter but since this seems to be such
> an important (!) issue I had a try on a randomly selected photo.
> default settings just seemed to give a slight blurring. Not especially
> interesting but nothing to start a war over.
> Then taking the time to experiment a bit, I selected convolve with white
> noise and upped a couple of parameters. The effect was somewhat like an
> impressionist rendition of my scene though with a bit too much
> regularity in some areas.
> So at this point I recall that Van Gogh was an _impressionist artist_
> and that perhaps some of what this filter can do is intended to look
> make the image look like an impressionist painting of the subject. Hence
> V.G. and the "artistic" submenu.
> I don't have the time to fully evaluate what it can do since it seems to
> have a lot of parameters.

Would having better documentation and/or a tutorial affect the
perception of usefulness?

And what is the time frame for needing to decide on leaving it in vs
deleting it?

I've been doing a little spelunking in the GIMP source code in an
attempt to learn how I might contribute (what I really want for myself
is full GEGL - nondestructive editing and 16-bit/channel, but that's a
pretty deep level of work). I'm willing to look into the VG plugin
code to assess the effort for documentation, but not if the core team
is saying, "NO WAY".

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