> installing this package, the user would customize the gimp for his special 
> needs by adding special functionality
> For example this would like:
>       gimp-plugins-artistic       (gimppressionist, mosaic, oilify, ...)
>       gimp-plugins-webdesign      (imagemap, html, animoptimize, ...) 
>       gimp-plugins-render-fractal (fractal-explorer, cml_explorer, ....)
>       gimp-plugins-fileformats    (fits, sunras, ...)
>       gimp-plugins-perl
>         (you get the point)

This is just like the cpan bundle system, btw. I suggest we _really_
should look at a comparable database like cpan before starting our own

> registry, mirror it and include a nice tool that allows users to download and 
> install plug-ins when the need arises. Of course this would have to be 
> possible from within a running gimp and since I'm not sure if this would work 
> at all, this is possibly only a solution for 2.0.

That would require re-scanning the plug-ins, which is a viable thing, but
also sounds like a new feature (i.e. a 2.0 feature).

But if we drop that restriction, i.e. by requiring a restart and using a
seperate tool (i.e. super-gimptool), the work to implement this shouldn't
be that large. For example we could copy the cpan logic of downloading and
unpacking the plug-ins portably.

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