Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi,
> my EUR 0.02 to the plug-in discussion....
> [stuff deleted]
> (3) Let's test all those plug-ins heavily and drop everything that is not 
> stable or usable into gimp-plugins-unstable. Do the same thing with what is 
> called gimp-plugins-unstable now and move all plugins that seem to be stable 
> and usable up into the main distribution. Then start the menu discussion all 
> over (we had one before 1.0 was released) and find a better way to put all 
> those plug-ins into suitable menu positions.

This is IMHO the first necessary thing to do.
I assume that the amount of plugins we talk about here will be
reduced by this operation so much that we don't have to think about
anything further for some time...


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