On 22 Oct, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I don't think that internationalisation is our major problem with
> plug-ins right now. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't think about
> it now, but our main problem is the mass of plug-ins shipped with the
> Gimp.

 It is and there a quite a couple of reasons why:
 - Extracting messages from files distributed over a lot of directories is
   just broken...
 - Plug-ins are usaing the localising features themselves very badly
    -> broken
 - Different plug-ins may want to different different translations for the
   same message, impossible now -> broken
 - External plug-ins can't get a translation very easily -> broken

 I could continue this list... In this sector a lot work has to be
 done... any volunteers? Otherwise the only right way for Gimp 1.2 would
 be to ship it wihtout localisation support for plug-ins....     

 And please don't think that I will do this work, although I'm very
 active in this area... creating some hundred patches isn't something I
 like to do in my spare time...



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